We Are Brie Host

Founded by two brothers in New York City.
Offering dependable hosting services at delectable prices since 2013.

About Brie Host

Dedicated technicians at your service.

Our team of network specialists are here for you and your business. When you choose Brie Host, you invest in the future success of your company.

We Improve Your Business

Ever had a bad experience with a host? So have we. We started this company with simplicity in mind, a host should never be complicated or hard to deal with. Brie Host automates its services so that you can make changes now, and see those changes applied immediately. Need help with something a bit more complex? We have trained specialists to help you with any problem you come across. Take the stress and mystery out of hosting and join the Brie Host family.

How We Do It

The best hosting company, based on simplicity.

Fast Load Time

Brie Host uses state of the art equipment and promises never to oversell equipment, ensuring fast load times you can depend on.

Great Support

We are much nicer and easier to deal with than the typical New Yorker. Our team is devoted to making your life easier.

196 Domains

Choose from 196 Top Level Domains to differentiate your business. A name isn't everything, but it sure is important!

Easy Installation

Choose from a variety of template OS and download anything to your VPS by using 'apt-get' or 'yum' in your SSH console.

High Quality Equipment

Brie Host only uses new and reliable equipment. Staying relevant with the evolution of technology is of utmost importance!